10/26 Week Updates

With the NeuroTechX competition coming up, teams have begun to finalize their work. You can find more information on the NeuroTechX competition here.

Hardware Team

Machine Learning Team

This week the accuracy of the model dropped to 70% due to over predicting no’s. The ML team is now focusing on tuning the hyperparameters to make it more accurate. This week's goal is for everyone on the team to train the model. Other than that not much else is happening this week.

UI Team

The UI Team was unable to test the UI system with hardware because they were waiting on the Hardware team for recordings, making productivity a bit slow for this week. In the meantime, they were able to create a couple of visual updates on the interface. For this upcoming week, the UI team will need to get a recoding demonstration to be able to create a demo. They will also work on a PowerPoint for the NeuroTechX competition. Aracely Cano-Gramajo

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