9/21 Week Updates

Hardware Team

Over all the Hardware team has nothing new to report. However, during this week's meeting a major shift in the design of the headset occurred. Originally the Cyton board was to be mounted on the head. The alternative is to have a strap on the left bicep that houses the board along with the battery pack. Finally, a major topic of discussion is how wide the headband should be. The consensus was that 170mm should be wide enough. Finally, here is a visual of the alter ego headset which the Hardware team is closely following:


-Cesar Ortega

Data Team

This week there are not many updates for the data team, mostly the same as last week. They are trying to gauge how they will work during the school year, and may have to change the meeting times to accommodate everyone's school schedule. Otherwise, trying to get it as close to real time as possible is one of the main priorities.

-Brandon Luu

Machine Learning Team

The Machine Learning team is continuing to discuss everyone’s models and how their approaches differ. They are analyzing these differences to decide which one might fit the project’s needs the best. After one is chosen, they will all focus on one model and use that for the final product. The team is also discussing possibly using more channels for the data to come through. This would allow for more precise inputs, such as nuance in the tongue when a user is speaking, allowing for a more natural connection to the device.

-Calder Wilson

UI Team

The UI now displays the ML model's prediction for the current question's response. It also has a 2 second countdown between questions and buttons to move to the next question and download data. The team is using a database in CSV format to store the data, and they have added a new data tab to display it. The data includes the question ID, question text, predicted response, and recorded response. Next they will be working on user sign-in.

-Dennis Lee

- 44 toasts