9/14 Week Updates

Hardware Team

Today’s update is very short because nothing has changed from the previous week. There were some 3D printing issues and the team welcomed a new member. The main goal is to have a working prototype and then continue with the recordings. It is pertinent to keep the board with the person printing the headset so adjustments can be made. Finally, the end to end pipeline is almost finished so we will potentially migrate from the Open BCI software in the near future.

-Cesar Ortega

Data Team

This week the data team worked on finishing the pipeline and getting it online and working. They have decided that it is not necessary to know mne tools that well so they are just focused on writing python scripts which will analyze and clean each data chunk. For now, it is unclear whether or not the hardware team will give the already parsed data or the data team will have to parse it themselves. -Brandon Luu

Machine Learning Team

This week, the Machine Learning team discussed possibly arranging a cross team meeting with the data and hardware teams. This would allow them to communicate with each other about some of the issues they are having, and brainstorm some solutions that could help solidify everyone’s work. Other than that, they are continuing to analyze each others models and find improvements that could be made. As new data comes in, they are tweaking their models to reach higher accuracies.

Calder Wilson

UI Team

The UI team is integrating their interface with the backend. They are also working on displaying a countdown and the accuracy of the machine learning model next to each question during training. They are also planning to implement user sign in to store different users' data separately. -Dennis Lee

- 3 toasts